async_upnp_client library

Steven December 27, 2018 13:06

This year I started working on a Python library called async_upnp_client. The source for this library are found on Github. This library provides a means to interface with UPnP enabled devices, such as Smart TVs, your home router, and maybe even your printer. The library was mostly created as a base for the Home Assistant […]

Getting Magik-syntax highlighting in Gitlab

Steven 12:10

We are using Gitlab for our repository management. I wanted to have Smallworld Magik syntax highlighting in Gitlab. Given that Gitlab is open source, it isn’t that hard to build it ourselves and get it into Gitlab, right? During some researching on how Gitlab does its syntax highlighting I came to their Syntax Highlighting documentation […]

Migrating from IBM Rational Synergy to Git

Steven May 21, 2018 13:37 ,

A customer wanted to move away from IBM Rational Synergy (called Synergy from hereon) to Git. This post looks at a few options and trade offs on doing this and describes the chosen option at the customer. The actual migration, using PySynergy, is shortly described. Also, an attempt was made at creating a new migration […]

Coalescence for WordPress is now open source and freely available

Steven November 28, 2015 14:03

A while ago I made Coalescence for WordPress open source. It can now be found at Coalescence for WordPress at Github. The reason I have done this, is that I don’t have the time to properly support it and the interest in this has faded from my side. This does not mean Coalescence is no […]

New look, using Coalescence!

Steven August 19, 2013 19:57

This website has a new design! It is the BizStrap template (pure HTML/CSS/Javascript theme), bought from WrapBootstrap. The template is using Bootstrap, so the site is responsive as well and thus works nicely with mobile devices! Together with Coalescence, shown in an earlier post, the template was implemented in just a few minutes and is used as a WordPress theme […]

mocha-lcov-reporter for LCOV coverage from Mocha

Steven July 28, 2013 11:03

A while ago I wrote a LCOV reporter for Mocha. Mocha is a unit test framework for JavaScript. LCOV is a format to store line coverage. Back then, I even wrote a post about it. At the time I was working on several JavaScript libraries and programs. For most of these projects I used Mocha […]

New website for Foxheuvel

Steven June 19, 2013 20:30 , , ,

For Foxheuvel, a holiday-residence locatie in Didam, The Netherlands, I have re-built the website. Before, it was a website built on top of the CMS CMS Made Simple. The website used all sorts of old techniques such as tables. The re-built version is a WordPress based site with a custom built theme. The theme was […]

Released Logback4M and record_serializers for Smallworld/Magik

Steven February 19, 2012 14:21 , , , , , ,

Just released Logback4M, a clone of Logback for Smallworld/Magik and various record serializers for Smallworld/Magik. Logback4M is a logging module loosely based on Logback. Logback is an extensive logging component for Java. The public GIT repository for Logback4M can be found here. The various record serializers are serializers to export Smallworld records to a well […]