Released Logback4M and record_serializers for Smallworld/Magik

February 19, 2012    exporter gml JSON logback logger magik wkt

Just released Logback4M, a clone of Logback for Smallworld/Magik and various record serializers for Smallworld/Magik.

Logback4M is a logging module loosely based on Logback. Logback is an extensive logging component for Java. The public GIT repository for Logback4M can be found here.

The various record serializers are serializers to export Smallworld records to a well known format. At the moment WFS/GML and JSON/WKT are supported. The public GIT repository for record_serializers can be found here.

Both modules are released under the Simplified BSD license. If you are using any of these modules, please drop a line.